Sekur Visa® Prepaid Card: your sound management partner

The commercial Sekur prepaid card is an excellent management tool for your business. It allows you to allocate necessary funds based on projects or the responsibilities of your employees. This reduces management costs as you save interest charges associated with a regular credit card. Furthermore, you can transfer funds from card to card automatically. This is a useful feature for controlling expenses or, in case of emergencies. Your staff can use it to make purchases wherever the Visa credit card is accepted worldwide, including online and by phone.

Better than cash, checks or merchant cards

The commercial Sekur prepaid card provides more protection than cash. It also offers more flexibility than checks and merchant cards. It allows your staff to make purchases from several suppliers and thus benefit from better prices.

Better manage travel fees

The commercial Sekur prepaid card is an effective solution for corporate travel. Simply load the funds required for each trip on your Visa Sekur prepaid card. Unexpected expense? No problem! The card is easy to reload.

Better manage the company's credit

Holding multiple credit cards with high margins can affect your business credit. The prepaid card is a flexible and effective option.

Reward your staff

In addition to the many management benefits, the commercial Sekur prepaid card is a great way to reward your staff. A nice alternative to gift cards, Sekur provides more freedom as employees can use it wherever they like - a feature likely to please everyone!

Manage better! Ask for your Visa Sekur prepaid card today!

The card is owned and issued by All Trans Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. A TM licensee of Visa Int. and subject to Terms and Conditions. Visa Int./All trans Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. Licensed user.