Online payment

A good fraud protection for online payment !

Internet transactions are monitored by our fraud detection algorithm. It will detect transactions that do not match your profile. Perfect for online shopping, prepaid Sekur card provides additional security. Impossible for hackers to reach your financial information since the card is not linked to any bank account. We advise you still monitor your transaction history regularly. This can be done through the online portal.

Zero liability protection 

The Sekur Visa® Prepaid Card comes with Zero Liability protection, which means cardholders will not be responsible for unauthorized use of their card. Zero Liability extends to any purchase made using the Sekur Prepaid  Card, in a store, online, or by phone.

The card is owned and issued by All Trans Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. A TM licensee of Visa Int. and subject to Terms and Conditions. Visa Int./All trans Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. Licensed user.