Are you a student? Do you financially support a student? The Sekur prepaid card is the ideal solution for you! The financial needs of students vary considerably during the year. The Sekur card allows you to reload funds to sustain the student’s punctual and recurring expenses.

Are you a student’s parent?

The Sekur prepaid card is the perfect tool to introduce your child to budget management. There is no risk of exceeding the budget because you decide the amount of available funds as you deposit them on the card. Your child can purchase supplies and necessities while respecting the imposed limit.

Better than cash

The Sekur card is secure. There is no risk of lost or stolen cash. Unlike cash, the Sekur prepaid card offers solutions in case of loss or theft with the Visa® Zero Liability protection.

Ready for emergencies

As a parent, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the Sekur prepaid card to cover contingencies. In case of emergency, you can transfer funds to your child, even outside bank business hours.

Other advantages of the Sekur prepaid card 

  • Allows you to pay your bills from retailers accepting Visa payments
  • Allows you to make purchases and reservations online
  • Accepted by over 25 million retailers worldwide Provides access to over 1.7 million ATMs
  • Does not require complex credit check and does not affect your credit

The Visa Sekur prepaid card provides most of the benefits of a credit card, without the disadvantages. It is safe and limits your exposure to bank fraud.

Ask for your Visa® Sekur prepaid card today !

The card is owned and issued by All Trans Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. A TM licensee of Visa Int. and subject to Terms and Conditions. Visa Int./All trans Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. Licensed user.